Therapy in Durham City DH1

Talk Durham offers private therapy in central Durham and is operated with no waiting list.

As a Doctor of Counselling Psychology, I have spent over ten years in academic training and clinical practice.

I made it a personal goal to work across different settings and with age groups ranging from 11-80+ before I decided which field I would like to work in. These setting have included alternative education, Durham University, Holme House Prison, Lanchester Road Hospital, Work Placed Counselling and several GP surgeries in Durham.

Having spent so much time working in Durham City I really felt a close connection to the area and people and chose to set up my own private practice in the area. Due to the demand for this service an additional counsellor has been brought in offer more choice and support.

We are lucky enough to work from a peaceful, spacious and tranquil office in St Giles Church,at the bottom of Gilesgate Bank. This is a discreet setting with ample free parking, there is no reception or waiting room and clients are asked to arrive on their specific appointment time to allow for confidentiality to be maintained throughout the process.



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